Do you feel you are missing out on activities because you feel disorganized?
Are you always running late because you cannot find what you are looking for?
Do you know someone that is or feels disorganized?
Afraid to open that filing drawer because of the clutter you may encounter?
If you calculate how much time it takes to look for something or how much money is lost in the process, you will come to the conclusion that it is time to get simply organized with Noelle Carroll.
Simply Organized is an organizational management and consulting firm, founded by Noelle Carroll, which specializes in providing customized workshops in the areas of professional and personal development. This includes everything from general filing or clerical work to writing procedure manuals to facility facelifts.
Having a piece of mind at home and work comes from being organized. This creates an increase in self-confidence as well as money to be made and time to be saved. In the end, this impresses your employer and yourself and you can move on to having more fun!
Contact Information:
Mobile: 515-669-2786
Postal Address: PO Box 130
Bondurant, Iowa 50035